Hi, my name is Andrew Wilson, I’m a commercial (storytelling, portrait, food, lifestyle), fine art photographer, and published author of books and calendars. I work from my childhood home of Tasmania – a small, rugged and stunningly beautiful island 40 degrees south of the equator.

7k Gin Distillery Cocktail
Portrait photography of Alf
#2 Conceptual Portrait
TPT Wealth

“This new book on Australia’s famous blue water classic, the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, will become a collector’s item. Photographer Andrew Wilson has put together an amazing array of intimate portraits and extensive interviews of some of the absolute legends of the race. Backed by some excellent writing from journalist and race media director Di Pearson, if you love great stories about people doing exceptional things under difficult conditions, then you will love this book.”

– Roger McMillan, Editor, mysailing.com.au.