Bearded Hipster Portrait Photography for Professor Fuzzworthy

As a short bearded man I am always impressed by the full Ned Kelly, even better to photograph a proud Bearded Hipster for some Portrait Photography client images.

What they say, “Professor Fuzzworthy Gentleman’s Beard Care is handmade in Tasmania, Australia – the world’s cleanest place on Earth – from pristine 100% Natural & Organic ingredients for a healthy awesome beard you’ll be proud of.

Our products are formulated from premium Australian ingredients and ancient remedies specifically to fortify your beard, hair and skin naturally – for truly healthy beard growth and shiny full beard! They are simple luxurious and easy to use – and most importantly formulated to work with our bodies natural make up to develop a healthy long term routine for a healthy strong beard & healthy hair and body.

Since 1993, long before ‘organic’ was a fashionable & meaningless buzz word – we have handmade our products FROM SCRATCH with only pure gourmet food ingredients – so safe you can eat them. No pre-made “bases”, melts or pour soaps bought in! AND NO synthetic chemicals harsh on hair and skin that stunt beard growth. Scrap those plastic bottles, sls, parabens, and sickly chemicals – sample the range of Professor Fuzzworthy products- they’re travel friendly too!

Professor Fuzzworthy Gentleman’s Beard Care is part of Beauty and the Bees Tasmania.”

I’ve actually tried the product and it is really very good.