Blue Water Classics – Portraits of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Watched by millions of people around Australia and worldwide every year on Boxing Day, the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is a 628 nautical mile passage into the depths of the southern ocean’s Roaring Forties that pushes sailors, organisers and at times, search and rescue personnel, to the limit of their mental and physical endurance.

Over 520 beautifully illustrated pages, photographer and storyteller Andrew Wilson, with journalist and Race Media Director Di Pearson, present Blue Water Classics: Portraits of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race – a compelling and intimate publication with over 40 personal accounts from owners, crew, officials and search and rescue personnel that are filled with all the drama and emotion tied into attempting to win ‘the Blue Water Classic’.

~ Interviews and photographs by Andrew Wilson, with chapter text by Di Pearson ~