Project Description

Commercial photography and food photography for Diemens Sauce

The guys from Diemens Sauce approached me to capture some commercial photography and food photography for their great bottled products. Diemens is a hot sauce company that uses Tassies native mountain pepper berry tree – it’s got a kick to it.

The guys harvest from a farm down past Middleton, a wonderful area of the island. The brief also called for me to do a day walk up to the Rodway Range at Mt Field National Park. Pepper berry trees can be found growing here in their wild habitat. It’s a vast. wild area. Below is a bit more info about the product:

“Diemen’s is Australia’s only native hot sauce, fired by locally-grown chilies and Tasmania’s mountain pepper Tasmannia Lanceolata. Grown in the pristine, cool rainforests of Southern Tasmania, the Diemen pepper berry gives our hot sauce a distinctive fruity flavour with hints of Aussie bush.

“The peppery zing comes from a compound called polygodial, which gives Diemen’s chilli a satisfying spicy kick.

“Tasmania’s wild mountain pepper can be up to five times hotter than ordinary black pepper, with a different taste sensation to chilli. Prized by chefs for its lingering afterburn.” Diemens Sauce