Storytelling Photography for Huonville Council’s Harmony Week inituitive

“Late 2019 Huon Valley Council contacted Andrew to work together on a Harmony Day Project. The aim of this project was to create a set of large-scale posters of Huon Valley residents and some of their thoughts about living in the Valley to be on display outdoors during Harmony Week. We wanted to get a broad cross section of Huon Valley residents from very different backgrounds to tell their story and be photographed as part of this in an environment of their choice.

We were interested in working with Andrew because of his work Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania which so completely showed his ability to capture people as they are.

From the moment we met Andrew we knew that we had the right person for the project – he was happy to be flexible, several participants were unable to talk with us during standard working hours and we had to do some travelling around the Valley for the interviews. Andrew was very open about the way he works with people and how he would approach this project.

Andrew and I went to visit each person or couple together, and I was very impressed with his ability to connect with people at a deep level, put them at ease, showing genuine interest and not only capture profound sentiments from everybody, but also capture their image in a way that shows people as they are.

It was also Andrew’s professionalism post-production that we valued. Andrew used his own recording setup, and we were provided not only with very high-quality images but also with audio and their transcripts to make it easier for us to find a good quote to go with each person.

After one photo session Andrew himself contacted us to say he felt that one person, who was unable to go to his preferred location, needed to be photographed again to create a better connection with his story. That photo is now particularly touching and highlights how Andrew is willing to go that extra step for a beautiful outcome. One of the gentlemen Andrew interviewed was a much-loved senior member of the community who passed away not long after the completed works went on display. The community expressed how happy they were to see a picture of him with his words in a public space.

If you are looking for someone to help you capture people and their stories in a warm, genuine and sympathetic way, we can highly recommend Andrew.”

Miranda Wageman​, Arts and Culture Officer