David Fooks Low Key Lighting Portrait Photography

Fooksy and I go way back, Greek Roll, Two Moons Rising and other such ironic if not iconic (too us and one other) outpourings. He’s unique, incredibly talented, stupidly humorous and a gentle heart, I look forward to Stormworm the performance.

Who is the greatest influence in your life that you have never met in person?

“Thom York is my guy.”

Why is he so important to you?

“One of the only people that I’ve maintained a deep emotional connection with their ongoing output of art over the length of their career. Personally I’ve engaged with his voice for around 25 years now.

I admire his ability and also his band mates, to constantly experiment and adapt their sound without losing the impact of the outcome. And he is a fine example of a high profile introvert that has garnered global respect for his art without it changing the integrity of his creations. All the while keeping his ego separate to his craft.”

If he met you, do you think he would respect who you are?

“I’m not sure if he would respect me if we met. But I feel a kinship in our introversion, creative and moral paths.”