Ta Hiron; Photographing tattoos in Black and White

Photographing tattoos in Black and White has been something I’ve wanted to capture for a long time. When Ta offered to pose for me I was very grateful of the opportunity. I would say that the dream hasn’t yet been fullfilled and Ta and I have plans to do another shoot in the future. For now, it was a great learning process. And i really like the three shots above from the series.

Who is the greatest influence in your life that you have never met in person?

Answer would be Jesus, as from what I’ve read he lived humbly on earth loving all he came in contact with. We are all amazing and wonderfully unique, and I enjoy being in humble awe of everyone and anyone I meet.
My desire is to live a life that celebrates everyone and respects everyone. I see myself as new-age religious, I take what good I find in faith and pass over anything contrary. Same sex marriage and all other equality stances I fully support.
I like being someone who gets people to question stigmas a little as I am covered in tattoos, listen to instrumental through to metalcore music then go and attend a church service.