Architectural photography for Surrey House

These images are from a recent Architectural Photography shoot I captured in Hobart for my mate and genuine Old Sea Dog Brae Sutherland.

The images were shot for my mate and sea dog Brae Sutherland. I met Brae at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival a few years ago. Brae was promoting his Tasmanian Sea Cruises aboard Southern Cross of London. Later I captured some images of Maria Island for his tours and my book Coast Tasmania. So when Brae called to ask me to do some Architectural Photography for him I was surprised to hear that he’d sold Southern Cross. Brae did reassure me that he’d purchased a smaller yacht and he could now pursue both passions being sailing and building renovations. As you can see from the images, Brae’s currently overseeing something pretty cool at Surrey House. Lots of steel and glass and wood… I’m still looking forward to another sail though!