Band photography for Ewah and the Vision of Paradise

This Band Photography concept for local rockers Ewah and the Vision of Paradise was inspired by my daughter Maggie-May, who was 18 months old at the time.

The band contacted me to take a group shot based on the classic cover record cover images form the 1960’s. Very staged and deliberate. I wanted to put our own twist on the look though. At the time I was taking Maggie to swimming lessons at a private residence outside of Hobart. So I pitched to the band to take the shot with them standing in the pool, which was heated thankfully as it was the middle of winter. 

I guess that’s the great thing about Band Photography and Portrait Photography, it’s fun to try and come up with a unique look or location or both. I love the way the water is almost indiscernible in some shots… you have to look really hard to see where the air ends and water begins.