Commercial photography for Tasmanian Whisky Tours

Commercial Photography brings it’s own challenges, capturing the essence of a business in an image isn’t easy, having a great working relationship helps a whole lot though. My client Brett wrote some really nice words, so here they are:

“When I began Tasmanian Whisky Tours in 2014 I selected Andrew Wilson as our official photographer to capture the essence of the distilleries and the tour experience in order to build our brand and our visual collateral for both print and digital marketing. The resulting shoot was so successful that a number of these images were later requested by Tourism Tasmania for use in the official Tasmanian Whisky Trail brand application, and have also been syndicated around the world for print in such prestigious publications as the Robb Report, Whisky Magazine London, The Guardian UK, Qantas in—flight and numerous other publications.

I have continued to commission Andrew over the 4 year duration of working in the hospitality and tourism industry as he is a highly dedicated and focused professional who is constantly evolving and finding new challenges as a professional photographer. I have commissioned him to photograph all elements of our business from being the official commercial photographer of all of our tours as the business evolved from Tasmanian Whisky Tours to Drink Tasmania Premium Tours, to capturing the inaugural Tasmanian Whisky Week, photographing events as part of Restaurant Australia, Tasmanian Writers Festival, Sixty Jazz Club and I have been witness to the excellent work he created for commissions for Sullivans Cove Distillery, Zimmah Coffee and most recently Atmosphere by Frogmore Creek.

Andrew excels at capturing the moment in the flight of the action. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in his publications Sea Dogs Volume 1 & 2 and Coast. He most recently captured the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in Sydney Harbour and the results show that he is as adept at photographing live-action sporting events, as he is at portraiture, live- music, venue locations and key imagery for brand evolution.” Brett Steel – Director – Drink Tasmania