Food photography for Frogmore Creek

My client Shelley has written a really great story around how this food photography shoot came to happen, here’s a snippet: 

“Shoot day arrived; our first formal food photography shoot in a very long time and it’s safe to say nobody could have predicted what happened and the result that followed. A black tent was erected in the Barrel Room of Frogmore Creek Cambridge, two layers of glass and more importantly a connection between Ruben and Andy who instantly jelled and together freestyled a day of crazy, intriguing food meets art photography. All the kitchen team where involved in one way or another; creating elements for the dishes, picking and foraging for items for the plates and generally just supporting the flow of creativity. It all sounds very over the top but a day of shooting food photography dishes became a day of team collaboration, focus and creativity.”

Click here if you’d like to read the full story, or better, book a table at Atmosphere or The Lounge, the dishes really are something else…