Portrait Photography in Hobart

Portrait photography is a wonderful creative experience for both the photographer and the subject.

How you wish to be portrayed is up to you. We all have individual personalities that we represent in different ways, in different situations. How we appear in our business life, our online life and our everyday life can be quite different. I like to take this approach with my portrait photography clients. It’s a fun conversation to start with and I find that it helps to work out the true purpose of the imagery. Portraits photographed with studio lighting against a plain background really bring focus to a persons face and their eyes, which I love. On the other hand location settings will always add a little bit more information as to who you are and what you do, if that is what you want.

Studio or on-location sessions can go for just a hour, or with creative styling and sets can take more time and cost more.

Either way, there are many options and styles you can consider and I’m always open to creative briefs – so please give me a call on 0418568086 or feel free to email me if you have a portrait in mind.