The Shank Revisited. A Rutter for anchorages in Tasmania’s Southwest.


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> Hard Cover and over 190 pages
> A guide from South Cape to Hibbs Pyramid
> Over 30 anchorages listed including Port Davey
> Stunning aerial images and mud maps

Designed and Published by Andrew Wilson

“Ian Johnston has been navigating the oceans for more years than he’ll care to admit. He has a penchant for the wild places where few people go, and in The Shank he describes some of the wildest. It’s a rutter that you’ll want to have with you, if you and your crew choose to go where the wild things are.” – Paul Cullen, Director, Australian Wooden Boat Festival

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Tasmanian Anchorage Guide – The Shank

What people are saying The Shank, a Tasmanian Anchorage Guide.

“Dear Ian
Val and I were honoured and thrilled to receive your signed copy of The Shank. It’s brilliant. It establishes a completely new level of sailing guides and more than worthy of coffee table class – and that’s 100 percent a compliment! Your text matches the great photography and it’s beautifully presented. Congratulations you’ve produced a fantastic book and should feel very proud of yourself. Cheers Lin”

“For anyone planning a cruise to the exposed south and west coast of Tasmania safety of those on-board is paramount and you need to do a substantial amount of planning and research prior to slipping your lines. The Shank provides detailed sketches and superb aerial photography of some great anchorages that people may not normally consider. In the right weather conditions these anchorages can now be more easily accessed and will add to the already unique experience cruising this magnificent coastline. Ian and Andrew have crafted a ‘Rutter’ that captures the absolute beauty of the rugged south and west coast with The Shank.  This is an anchorage guide with a difference and complements those guides already available. A must have for anyone considering cruising from Recherche Bay to Port Davey and beyond to Macquarie Harbour. Peter Hopkins, General Manager, Recreational Boating, MAST

“Drew here,
I’ve had the South and West Coast bug since I was a young fella – after travelling the west coast in the 70’s by car with Mum and Dad! I ordered the book before Christmas and went away for three weeks and it was delivered while I was away! Spent a very enjoyable afternoon reading from cover to cover when I got home Monday!
It’s great to see a useful guide to all the major coastal anchorages in one place and will be a real asset to mariners venturing south and west! Great job!”

“One of the most wildly beautiful coastlines in the world has been described here in detail by a man who has travelled the world by sea. A successful collaboration between Ian Johnston and local publisher Andrew Wilson has produced this essential reference for all those mariners who make the pilgrimage to Port Davey and beyond. Richard Bennett, Photographer

“I received the books yesterday and WOW it is a very impressive production! Thanks heaps!” – Dave Ross, Customer
“Dear Ian.
Peter has just sent me a copy of your wonderful book and it has rekindled many great memories. I had my 50th birthday in Port Davey in 1990 and have been back there from Sydney 22 times since , the last time  being in Feb-March 2018.
My crew from the earliest times have included Hedley Calvert, John Price, Hoppy and Brooky.
Through them I had the pleasure of meeting Clyde Clayton several times-what a great character!
Anyhow enough of this, I just want to thank you for your magnificent work of art.” – Bob from Sydney
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