Cheers for looking around my website, below is a bit of bio about my career to date. I hope it’s interesting?

In 1999 I quit my job as a Film Producer at local agency Ogilvy and Mather, Mazengarb, went travelling for a year OS and on return began work as a freelance Producer to local agencies. For the next 8 years I produced television commercials, broadcast documentaries, and short films. I also worked as a location manager on feature films and for overseas and interstate production companies who were coming down to Tasmania to film big budget TVC’s.

My film career presented me with a multitude of wonderful and highly challenging scenarios on client jobs, and all of this I have used to inform the way I work with my clients as a photographer, which I transitioned into in 2008. I have made plenty of mistakes along the way, no one teaches you how to run a business, but in most instances I’ve learned from these moments to become better at what I do.

Most of all I am a “can do” person. I don’t like saying no, instead I’d rather try find a creative avenue that delivers the desired outcome within the constraints of the deadline and budget. I’m very driven, creative, adaptive and people who know and work with me would say I’m a positive and friendly person. I like to collaborate in a respectful environment, where the focus is on the end result, and working together in a professional and fun way.

I like working on projects that push me, I’ve always been an on-the-job learner you just have to look at my school record to prove that.

At college my creative writing teacher told me, after two weeks, “I can see you’re trying, but I don’t think this class is for you.” 20 years later I’ve published a book series titled Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania and it is ironic that people now tell me how much they love my writing. But I guess that sums me up, I have never been a studious person, but when I find something I love, whether that is for myself or a client project, I give it my all.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please give me a call on 0418568086 or send through an email to

I also am involved in a couple of side projects, being:

Parliament Coworking, which I established in 2013 with my mate and colleague Dominic Whittle.

And Stories in September, a festival for audio, film and print storytellers that I established in 2018 with Helene Thomas.