Returns and Refunds

Items that can be refunded:
Books, Calendars and Prints purchased from my website may be returned, and replaced or refunded, if they arrive damaged or I shipped the wrong item to you.

Be kind, abusive behaviour will not be tolerated:
All return requests will be considered, I am a fair and honourable person and will refund your item if I feel it is warranted. I will not tolerate abusive behaviour in person, in writing or over the phone in anyway and have a 1 strike and you are out policy on this. Anyone communicating me in an abusive manner will not be refunded or allowed to communicate with me or purchase my products ever again.

Implementing a return:
If you wish to implement a return please send me an email with photographic evidence of the damage first. If I agree that the item hasn’t arrived in good condition then I will instruct you to return the item to me at your own cost. If I disagree that the item is damaged from the evidence in your email, that will be my final say on the matter and the item cannot be returned and will not be refunded.

Once your item has arrived I will inspect the item and if still in agreement, I will issue you a replacement item or a refund of the cost of the item only. Shipping costs are not refundable. If your item arrives and I do not agree that the item is damaged, I will ship the item back to you at your own cost or donate the item to a charity store.

If you ordered the wrong item and I sent it to you before you were able to notify me, I’m sorry for your error, however I cannot refund such purchases.