Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania Book #1 (Print on demand version)
Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania Book #2
Coast Tasmania Coffee Table Book
The Shank: A Rutter for Anchorages in Tasmania's Southwest

Photographing and writing Tasmanian Books about people and place.

When it really comes down to what I most love about being a photographer, it’s documenting the story of the people and places of my island home. I find this subject matter completely captivating, whether it’s and Old Sea Dog, a farmer, a businessman, an elder, a 20-something, a friend or a family member. Everyone you meet in your everyday life has a story to tell, if you only stop to ask. And in Tasmania, everyone has a special place that they connect with, that resonates outwards from them. To attempt to capture that in an image is a true challenge, but when you do, as much as it is cliched to say, I do think you have captured a glimpse of their life story, their soul.

In regards to books, I am an accidental author in many ways, as I had no intention to become a writer of any sort having repeatedly failed English all the way through my school years. For me it was simply the right vehicle to combine the images and stories I had gathered of my Old Sea Dogs. So that their lives could have the ability to live on once they had sailed off into the wild blue yonder.

There are many Tasmanian books out there in the landscape, we are fortunate to have a reading public that is proud, interested and willing to support its local authors an books about our island home.

If you have an idea for a book then I can only recommend following your idea through to the end. It is worth the effort. Publishing a book can be a long and often gruelling exercise, but there’s nothing like the feeling of opening the box and picking holding all that hard work in your hands.

If you need any advice, or have a book that you need help with publishing, please feel free to get in touch. I’m happy to help out in anyway that I can.

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