Andrew Wilson – Tasmanian Documentary Storytelling Photographer.

Thanks for checking out my Documentary Storytelling photography portfolio. If you are looking for a Tasmanian photographer to capture content for you – please get in touch here, or you can call me on 0418568086.

Part of the joy of growing up and living on a small island like Tasmania is the depth of story, and therefore documentary (or storytelling) photography opportunities that surrounds you. Island folk are pragmatic, kind, inventive, creative, enthusiastic, humorous – I really could go on and on. Once the butt of every mainlander joke, us Tasmanian’s are anything ‘butt’ these days. Add in a topography that is as diverse as its people and it really is fascinating the things we get up to down here. It’s where my Old Sea Dogs emerge from the roaring forties, and legends are born within Blue Water Classics. All in all a storytelling photographers paradise.

Outside of Documentary Storytelling gigs I also shoot for Advertising, Architecture, Arts & Culture, Commercial, Destination Marketing, Food, Hospitality, Lifestyle and Portraiture briefs.

What story would you like me to tell for you?