Andrew Wilson – Tasmanian Food Photographer.

Thanks for checking out my Food photography portfolio. If you are looking for a Tasmanian photographer to capture content for you – please get in touch here, or you can call me on 0418568086.

Luckily for me, the Tasmanian Food scene has exploded since the early 2000’s. I love the challenge of lighting food until the on-camera preview looks so delicious it literally makes your mouth water. If I achieve that, I know the content has got plenty of miles in it. I have worked for all sectors of the food industry; small and large producers, wholesale and retail as well as bars, cafes and restaurants. If you need a new product or menu photographed, please get in touch as I’d love to talk to you.

Outside of Food gigs I also shoot for Advertising, Architecture, Arts and Culture, Commercial, Destination Marketing, Documentary Storytelling, Hospitality, Lifestyle and Portraiture briefs.

What story would you like me to tell for you?