The Custodians | Wooden Boat Owner Registration

*The Custodians is still going ahead, COVID has slowed things a little but I am still documenting custodians and their craft. 

The Custodians is a new work I am creating about Tasmania’s classic wooden boats and their current custodians. The project is slated to be displayed as a solo exhibition in the Macq01 Hotel during the 2021 Australia Wooden Boat Festival (subject to COVID restrictions).

I’m currently seeking wood boat owners from around Tasmania to take part in this new work – participation is free.

My ambition is to gather images of wooden boats out on the water, under sail or steam with Tasmania’s stunning coastline and dramatic skies in the background. Accompanying these seascapes will be portraits of each owner and their own story of being a wooden boat custodian. 

So if you are a proud young or old, male or female, owner of a wooden yacht, boat or dinghy that is berthed, moored or stored in a shed in Tasmania then please register. *Where your boat was originally built does not matter.

Wooden boats are both beautiful works of art and time machines that carry our island’s maritime history with them. These vessels and their stories continue to live on thanks to you, thier custodians. It is thanks to your hard work, dedication and investment into their upkeep and history that our island is so alive and so rich in maritime stories. Like my book series Old Sea Dogs, my ambition is to document as many of these stories as I can so if you have read this far I hope you’re keen to be involved.

Registration and participation is free, however you do have to commit to a couple of things, namely:

  1. Owners need to commit to taking their wooden beauty out for a sail, motor or row on a pre-arranged date (weather permitting) so that I can get a cracking photo of your vessel on the water with Tasmania’s stunning coastline in the background. Afterwards, when back at the dock, you’ll also need to let me take a portrait of you (gruff, salty, smiles welcome). *I’ll use a long lens so social distancing can be adhered too.
  2. Owners will also be sent an email with questions asking why they love wooden boats, why they spend far too much money keeping them afloat and what they know of the history of their vessel. What I encourage you to write back are stories that make us laugh, make us cry, make us nod our head in agreement and then shake it with disbelief. i.e. if your boat was getting married and you were the best man/woman, what entertaining, thoughtful, emotive and funny stories would you tell about it…?

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By registering you agree to let Andrew Wilson Photography publish in print and digital media the words and imagery collected and captured of your boat and your person, including but not limited too being displayed as part of The Custodians exhibition at the 2021 Australian Wooden Boat Festival.

Thank you to my sponsor Classic Boat Supplies whose funding made it possible for me to attend the Kettering Wooden Boat Regatta and make a start to this project.