The Custodians 

The Custodians, a new photographic and aural history work by Andrew Wilson about Tasmania’s classic wooden boats and their Custodians.

‘Wooden boats are both beautiful works of art and time machines that carry our island’s maritime history with them. These vessels and their stories continue to live on thanks to you, their Custodians. It is thanks to your hard work, dedication and investment in these vessels that our island is so alive and so rich in maritime history.

‘Over the next two years I will be travelling the state to collect photographs and stories for this new work, which will culminate in a feature exhibition at the 2023 Australian Wooden Boat Festival.

‘Please register your interest below if you would like to participate in The Custodians. The only cost is your time to meet with me so that I can document the story of you and your vessel.’

*I am interested in wooden vessel of all designs and sizes. They can be afloat, restored and in use, or, on the beach, in a paddock or in a shed in need of some serious love. The only requirement is that they reside in Tasmanian waters. Owners can be young or old, male or female, you don’t have to be an Old Sea Dog.

Helen and Peter Lindsay, Martin Wohlgemuth and Ian Hall of The Custodians of The Fancy, in the background you can see The Fancy's hull ready for restoration.

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    Thank you to my sponsor Classic Boat Supplies whose funding made it possible for me to attend the Kettering Wooden Boat Regatta and make a start to this project.