7K Gin Distillery

7k Gin Distillery is a boutique Tasmanian brand operated by Tyler Clark in Brighton, a short 30 minute drive north from Hobart. Tyler was keen to create some cocktail imagery with a mutual colleague and mixologist, Alexander Chaplin. Simple and clean was the brief, which I’m a big fan of as it allows the subject every chance to be the hero of the shot.

Tyler has connections with Franklin Bar and Restaurant a space I have eaten in before but have never had the opportunity to use for a photo shoot. The space is amazing, lots of concrete and subtle furnishings. Using shallow depth of field and studio strobes we were able to create some really lovely images of Alex’s cocktails set against textured back grounds.

Post Script: We tried each cocktail and they tasted as good as they look, Tyler is putting the receipes up in his instagram feed at some point, you can find that here.