Chocolate-Almond Truffles with a Tasmanian Whisky Twist

Recipe and Styling by Henrietta Hamilton

Featured Tasmanian Producer McHenry Distillery

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Something naughty but nice? These Chocolate-Almond Truffles are made from wholefood (and Australian ingredients where possible) and unprocessed ingredients with only natural sugar so they’re the perfect healthy treat. We added a touch of McHenry Distillery Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky too, because you can’t be good all the time.

Prep: 35 mins
Makes: 12 balls

½ cup pitted dates (soaked in ½ cup warm water for 20 minutes)
1 cup almond meal
2 tbs Mchenry Distillery Single Malt Whisky
⅓ cup raw cacao (+ 2 tbs for rolling)
½ cup coconut oil, melted
¼ cup pepita seeds, blitzed to a crumb (for rolling)

Blend soaked dates with 2 tbs of water, until smooth.
Place date ‘caramel’ into a large mixing bowl, add almond meal, Mchenry Distillery Single Malt Whisky, cacao and oil. Mix well to combine. (If mixture is too wet add more almond meal 1 tbs at a time. If mixture if too dry, add water 1 tbs at a time until desired consistency is reached)
Using a table spoon, scoop mixture, roll into a ball and roll in left over cacao or pepita crumb. Repeat this step until all the mixture has been used and you have 12 balls.