Arts and Culture Photography for The City of Hobart’s InsideOUT Public art platform.

InsideOUT #1: Cascade Funnel-Web Vivarium, 2024, Matthew Stolp

“The now extinct, Cascade Funnel-Web was located on Muwinina land and Palawa people would have deeply understood the habitat and behaviour of this endemic arachnid. There is little documented evidence of the Cascade Funnel-Web. It was recorded by Vernon Victor Hickman in 1926 and has not been sighted since. Hickman found two spider burrows in the soft bank of a creek at Cascades. He sketched a spider, eggs and a silken funnel web.

In this family-friendly performance, watch the last remaining Cascade Funnel Web weave his home; hoping to catch food or perhaps it’s a lonely attempt to attract a mate.”

Artist biography

Matthew Stolp is an Arts Educator, Actor, Character Performer, Screenwriter, and Visual Artist with over thirty years’ experience in the creative arts. He is a Senior Secondary Art and Drama teacher and Head of Faculty for the Arts at Guilford Young College. Matthew has worked professionally for Blue Cow Theatre, the Tasmanian Theatre company, MONA, SBS and the ABC. He is the recipient of several awards for his creative work including two Tasmanian Theatre Awards for performance and design.