Tiana Jones Black and White Portrait Photography

Tiana posed for me after I sent a call out on Instagram for B+W subjects who would be willing to let me experiment with lighting and pose. We’d hadn’t previously met so I asked her to answer the following questions before arriving at the studio to get a small insight:

Who is the greatest influence in your life that you have never met in person?

“One of my influences would probably be Kylie Jenner or Khloe Kardashian ….

I am a beauty therapist therefore Kylie being so young and becoming the youngest billionaire at just 22yrs old she’s a pretty big influence in today’s young women. All from a simply lip kit.

Khloe because of her inner strength to hold her head up through tough times and come out better for it.”

Why are they so important to you?

“Some people would consider those two laughable but when they stop and think about it, it’s true – they’re huge influences in today’s world.”

If they knew you, do you think they would respect who you are?

“I think Kylie would respect me in a sense that I too have built a brand and opened my own beauty salon all on my own from scratch even when those who told me I’d never do it at such a young age …. well 3 years later here I am, proud owner of Dollface Beauty!